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With the broad training completed by Signal 88 officers, they can take care of hotel security, event security, and much more. This isn't everything, as we also provide these officers with the most recent tools on the market. Included below is just a summary of our services. Find out more about what Signal 88 can offer you by calling (813) 476-1083.


Commercial Security


Commercial security

Signal 88 offers commercial security services and proprietary tools that cannot be matched by any other company in Tampa. These tools allow us to take care of roaming patrol services, property protection, and workplace security throughout Florida.


Security Officers


Security Officers Phoenix

Before we hire any of our security guards, they must pass an extensive background test from our corporate office. After that, they take comprehensive training classes that train them for various types of settings. The result is a staff of the most skilled, personable, and highly-qualified security officers in Tampa, FL. 


Apartment Security


Apartment Security

The benefits of using apartment security can stretch way beyond just safety, it will also increase your profitability. When potential residents see that management is going to great lengths to ensure safety, they will be more likely to move in. This same sentiment is also helpful in encouraging current residents to stay in their same apartment in the future. Our security guard services are non-invasive and are focused on doing the basics to promote a safe apartment complex.



Alarm Monitoring: Alarm response services Tampa, FL 


Alarm response, monitoring

Do you currently own an alarm system, but feel you need additional security? Let us provide timely emergency assistance with our alarm monitoring services. Signal 88 can also install a security system for you, with monitors, cameras, sensors, and more. Working together, a security response team and an alarm monitoring system will certainly give you the most comprehensive security service. Signal 88 is able to provide this service for both residential and commercial buildings in Florida.


If you have any questions regarding our security services please call (813) 476-1083.

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