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Be The Boss

Michelle Wood 

Congratulations to Michelle Wood, Signal 88 Security's Winner of A&E's Be the Boss


If you didn't see If you didn't see Signal 88 Security on the final episode of A&E's Be the Boss Sunday, here's a recap of what you missed:


  • Signal 88 Security employees Michelle Wood, Human Resources Office Account Manager of Aurora, Colo., and Quincy Jones, Director of Business Development in Austin, Texas, arrive in Omaha, Neb., not knowing they'll compete for their own franchise.
  • Michelle and Quincy contend in a series of physical obstacles and real-life security scenarios including a rappelling challenge, simulated neighborhood patrol and crowd control at a busy minor league baseball game.
  • Quincy seems to take an early lead, but Michelle stays focused and passes each of the security tests in the final challenge.
  • CEO and Co-Founder Reed Nyffeler offers Quincy a promotion to National
    Franchise Director.
  • Michelle Wood earns the keys to her own franchise and an opportunity to Be the Boss.

Watch the entire episode for yourself, including Michelle's priceless reaction as Reed surprises her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.



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